The Sorcerer's Den

I worked on this project with some classmates: Ariana Mendez and Donnayetta Fritz. We split modeling fairly equally, but Ariana and Donna did most of the lighting. The most notable objects I worked on were the knife, chest, armorstand, and walls. It was a great experience to work on project with some fellow classmates and buddies. We were able to help each other out and discuss (techinically or creatively) our work.

Technique Highlight

I was really able to streamline modeling the stones for the wall by taking a more modular approach. I modeled a couple stones and duplicated them to form a segment of the wall, and of those duplicated I made some slight differences to allow more seemless tiling. I used another 8 copies of that segment to form each of the walls. Additionally, I randomly rotated each stone slightly to break the perfect alignment across the yz axis that stuck out as cg.

Other medias

this is was rendered in Blender :)

We based our scene on this reference we found on Artstation from Griffin Brodman, which is based on a video tutorial by Polygon Runway. Utilizing a similar layout to the reference allowed us to explore low-poly modeling without being overwhelmed with larger creative decisions. We were able to quickly set an end goal of what the scene should roughly look like, while taking creative freedom in smaller doses.

Last Updated: August 2021