Tea Time

This project began with the teapot. I modeled it in Maya, textured in Substance Painter, and rendered in Arnold for the Modeling and Texturing 1 class. Shortly after the class finished, I added some teacups and made some final renders. The work done after the class was done primarily in Blender, but the textures for the teacups were made in Substance Painter.


rendered in Blender using the cycles engine

I’ve had experience modeling and animating with Blender prior to joining the ATEC program, so I fought with my muscle memory as I learned Maya. But funny enough, after spending two semesters in Maya, Blender became somewhat foreign to work in. I would try to hold alt as I use the mouse to navigate, like in Maya. After a continuing the scene the Blender, I’ve become much more comfortable switching between the two software packages.

As I wrote earlier, I modeled and UVed the teapot in Maya and the rest of the scene in Blender. It was really interesting how Blender outperforms Maya and the other way around. Blender’s modifers were much more reliable than Maya’s object history, but I felt Maya’s UVing toolkit was a much stronger.

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Last Updated: August 2021